Recast Graph returning some pretty terrible graphs

Hey there. I have a fairly large Recast graph spread over about 6x6 terrains, or 6kmx6km. I’m aware then, that I’m pushing this system to it’s limit.

I’m asking for paths along this graph, and the one’s I’m getting back just aren’t very good at the start because they first go to the closest node, which is often a long way away. An example of a bad path is show below, with red being what I would like to happen.

So the problem, I think, are these big squares along mostly flat areas. I need the graph to have a higher resolution even in simple areas. How do I specify something like a minimum node distance in the recast graph? Or how would you go about solving this?


Use the Funnel Modifier on recast graphs to get better paths, for recast graphs it is pretty much required to get good paths.
You can decrease the Max Edge Length setting on the recast graph to reduce the size of the triangles. Using a tiled recast also helps a lot.

Ah, thanks for the quick response aron. I’d totally forgotten about modifiers and that resolved my issue. Thanks!