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Recast Graph Question


I’m having a weird result of my graph here.
I don’t know why the pathfinder creates a ramp for the van and the sharp around the van is not accurate.
The result is very inaccurate.

It’s a 3D top-down shooting game. I will need the precise obstacle sharp and characters will walk on the ramp like RVO sample.

How can I get a precise recast graph?

The scene I’m using is from the RVO sample.
Unity 2021.3.9f1
Asset version 4.3.60


You can increase the resolution of the graph by reducing the cell size field in the recast graph settings.

See RecastGraph - A* Pathfinding Project


Thank you!
I reduced the cell size to 0.25 and it looks much better.

Can you also teach me how to fix the ramp problem?
It was in the RVO sample, but after I made some changes in Pathfinder, the recast graph of the ramp become the image I post below.
I tried to change all values to original, which same with the RVO sample, but it doesn’t change much about the ramp. Also tried the value like walkable climb and slope.

My result

The original result, and I would like to make the same like it.

That is primarily controlled by the walkable climb field on the recast graph.

It helps but the ramp is still “not on ground” in the recast graph.


It’s fine if the ramp is not completely on the ground. The y coordinate of the navmesh is not that important.

I see!
Thank you so much!