Recast graph not generating on some objects

Issue self explanatory by screenshots. The porch only generates a proper recast graph on some of it. The rest of it isn’t included, even though those objects are basically the same.
Why would that happen? Using newest beta.


Hmm, I’m not sure. Are you sure it has the right layer, and that there are no colliders in the way?

No, there is nothing there. Layer is ‘Default’, as is everything else. This wasn’t happening in the previous version so I guess it’s a bug

It was because the meshes weren’t marked as readable. Solved

I have the same problem (since 4.2.12 if I remember correctly)

I have tried a lot of different maps, and it seems that graph are not being generated when they are near a stair. I got no idea why this happen, but it’s replicable, I mean every time on the same place it just fails to generate graph.