Recast graph not generating correctly after project upgrade with HDRP

Was using this asset fine in an older version of unity, but made a new one in 2019.2.6f1 with HDRP, and now my graphs don’t seem to be generating correctly on sloped objects (attached picture).

I was using the latest version off the asset store, then after having this problem put in the older version I knew had been working and still has the same problem. I knew from before I had seen someone say the visual reprisentation might be screwing up but the actual mesh might be fine, but my test AI bumped into the sloped objects and just started walking backwards instead of going up.

Tried messing with the settings and even copying the recast graphs from example scenes and nothing seems to have fixed it.

EDIT: Created a new project with 2019.2.0f1 with just the default 3D setup to see if on the offchance it was me messing with HDRP that messed it up, now my recast graphs wont even go on these cubes. Am I just doing something really wrong? Its using default settings on the recast graph.

Hey could you try getting the latest version from the site itself:
The asset store version is always a little bit behind.

The download is only one version above the asset store and only fixes a couple other unrelated things

I could not reproduce this:

Unity 2019.2.8f1 A* -v 4.2.11.

My settings for the recast graph are quite small, since the sample scene for HDRP is quite small also.
For me modifying the Max Border Edge Length value did yield better results. ( Though I’m not certain what this value really represents )

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As @ToastyStoemp mentions the Max Border Edge Length is an important parameter. If it is too large then the navmesh may be simplified so much that significant changes in the y coordinate of the navmesh are removed (i.e. smoothed out).


Yeah thanks that seems to have done it, takes a bit longer to scan but parts of the map are already sectioned off for other reasons so will make different zones for each.