Recast graph nodelink deserialize issues


I have several levels in 1 scene. After you complete 1 level, you go to the next and each level has a recast graph. This works fine. I first disable all levels and then activate the next one so there is always 1 graph active. Everything works fine untill I add nodelinks to the levels. If I activate the next level and it has nodelinks in it, it gives this error:
System.Exception: Tried to deserialize a NodeLink2 reference, but the link could not be found in the scene.
If a NodeLink2 is included in serialized graph data, the same NodeLink2 component must be present in the scene when loading the graph data.
The links are activated at the same time as the graph therefore I don’t get why it throws that error?

The graphs are all cached before I play. In my first scene I have nodelinks and that works fine, In my second scene I also have nodelinks but this doesn’t work and throws that error? Any idea what could fix this?
If I don’t cache it, it works fine but I want to cache it since I use a lot of static batched objects and once I build it I get a lot of logs that I can’t use static batched objects while scanning at runtime.

I can’t send the project because it’s around 100gb so it’s not really an option.

Any ideas?

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Any ideas @aron_granberg ? Still having this issue


Hmm, I’m not sure.
Is it possible for you to create a smaller example scene that you could share with me, that also exhibits this behavior?