Recast graph has strange bake/connections

I have a flat plane with several obstacles on it and a Recast graph. It seems like the scan for this simple setup creates a very strange navigation mesh and connections.

Recast Setup

Resultant Recast Scan

AIPath Setup

The outcome of this is that when an AIPath agent attempts to navigate this graph the paths calculated end up being quite strange (zig-zagging points rather than smoothly moving between points on the path or choosing a zig-zag path over more direct movement).

Path example

Is there something about this simple setup that is causing Recast to scan and create a graph in this way? Are there tweaks I should be making to the AI path that would make their pathing follow the


This is expected for a path that is not post-processed.
If you use the AIPath/AILerp movement scripts, you should also add the FunnelModifier to simplify the path on navmesh/recast graphs.