Recast graph behaviour different to Grid graph behaviour with simple smooth

Quick question, I was just doing a simple prototype and was using a grid graph and it worked as expected with some simple AI. However I have just moved over to use a recast graph and I get some really strange behaviour where unless the path generating position is like within 10 units from the destination position it makes a massively convoluted paths to get to the destination when using simple smooth modifier. If I remove that then it is fine, however is this a known thing? is there a way to get path smoothing with recasts?


Try adding a funnel modifier as well, that will simplify the path first.
Make sure it is before the simple smooth modifier in the Seeker -> Modifier Priorities list (it will show an error otherwise and the smoothing will not work).

it has the right priority etc, with advanced smooth it works fine, will try adding the funnel one. There are no errors, it just seems to make really long winded paths unless its right next to the target. Also I was going to be using alternative paths too, which will conflict with funnel right? as funnel will want to share pathing and alternate one will want to split off right?

No, the alternative path modifier will not conflict with the funnel modifier.
What the funnel modifier does is just to take a straighter path through the nodes it finds. It is very well explained in this blog post: