Recalculate Links during Runtime

Proud owner of Pro, running a scene with a recast graph. I want to add nodelinks to my elements, which in fact are movable by the player. I added Link2 components to the moving part, linking to a child transform to position the point where the character should end on the tile when using the link (I hope I understood that part right). In addition to the recast graph, I added a PointGraph (as I’ve seen that it ould be added for links anyhow). On changes of my world, I Scan both graphs to update. While the rescan graph update works as intended, no links are generated.

How I rescan on changes

        _graphsToUpdate = new [] {[0],[1] };;

Any hint would be appreciated.


That’s odd, the NodeLink2 component should re-apply the link if the graphs are scanned.
If nothing else works, disabling and then enabling the NodeLink2 component should do the trick.