Re-engage after reaching target (2D AIPath, Seeker AI Destination Setter)

I have a 2D enemy.
It has a AIPath, And a Seeker as well as Destination Setter.

Destination Setter is always set to the player. When the enemy reaches the player it should stop chasing and start attacking (or some other behaviour). I want to know if the player starts moving away from the enemy, then it should re-engage the chase behaviour.

The enemy has reachd the player if
aiPath.reachedDestination => changes the enemy to fighting.

However I continiously get new path from

_seeker.pathCallback += PathCallback. 
void PathCallback(Path p) {
// How do I know if p is a path that won't generate any movement, so it has stiled reached destination.
// Despite not moving I get  a path with p.path.Count = 4

Any examples of switching behaviours based on path status. Ideally I for example want to wait for attack animation to be finished, only then will I check to see if the player has moved and then start chasing again!


While the AI is in fighting mode, I would set ai.isStopped = true. Update the path as normal and continuously chekc ai.reachedDestination.