Range Finding for Units on a Grid

When a unit is selected, I want to be able to highlight all cells on a grid the unit can move to, similar to the Fire Emblem games. I found one method that does this in PathUtilities called GetReachableNodes(GraphNode, int), however it states right it the documentation “Note that the distance measurement does not take heuristics, penalties or tag penalties”.

I am looking for a function that accepts a Seeker and some metric of distance and receive a list of nodes that are within range fully taking into account all connection costs, penalties, and tag penalties .


I think you are looking for the ConstantPath type. Take a look at the example scene called “Path Types” to see how it works.
It is only available in the pro version however.

I unfortunately am using the free version of the package and don’t have access to the fancy paths the pro version provides.

Good to know that what I am looking for might be found in the pro version.