Random bumps when scanning terrain

I am not really sure why I get random bumps at places when grid scanning. I tried changing the max climb and max slope but the bumps persist. I have attached a photo of the problem. When the AI walks over them, he actually ‘climbs’ on top of them or is sometimes stuck. Any input on how to fix this?

That does look weird. Are you sure there are no invisible colliders there?

No invisible colliders. I realized that these bump spots are generated at places where I’ve put AI agents, but even if I do move them around or delete them, the bump spots remain. Sometimes they disappear if I close and open the project.

I should also mention that the ai agents are not included in the Obstacle Layer Mask on the Pathfinder script.

Ah, yeah that sounds very much like there’s some collider on the agents that is being picked up. Make sure you check the height testing mask in the grid graph settings as well. Also check for colliders that are child objects of your agents.