Rallypoint for created units (RichAI + RVO)

Hello everyone!

In my 3D scene I have a building which spawns units which are then sent to a rally point near the building. Now the first unit reaches the rally point without a problem, but the following units bump into the first one, and start circling the rally point. Sometimes both units move around a little bit, but usually one

A little bit more detail about the setup:

1. the scene uses a Recast Graph
2. the units use the RichAI movement script
3. there is an RVO simulator (with all default settings) in the scene, and
4. the units have a RVO controller which has _Lock when not moving_ enabled

What would be the best way to make the units gather around the rally point? Any hints, or tipps on any settings I might have missed would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance and best regards,



You could try the beta version. In the beta the RichAI script has a new property called “Stop When Destination Is Crowded” which might be of use. Though I would disable the Lock when not moving toggle when used together with that (not strictly necessary, but I think it gives a slightly nicer result).