Ragespline/tools + Astar

Ragespline+rageTools+A*Pathfinding Project - Does anyone know if these packages can play nice together? I tried bringing my graphics and AI together today and it was a sea of red error messages & name space conflicts with “Mathfx” and “nearestPoint” most prominent. This one is kind of a big deal for me, would hate to have to use another system :frowning:


I have not worked with ragespline so I cannot say.
Ok, so the Mathfx class was conflicting. With which package?
I should probably rename it then since it is not an especially original naming to avoid further conflicts.

Hey man, love your product. In my experiments so far, or rather deleting things until it stops moaning this haven’t gone well, it could well be both packages & the farseer physics extension. I’ve only had a few hours on it so far though.

More info if it helps (i hate making work for people)
on unity4…

Empty project, import Ragespline (no errors & just RageSpline not tools)
Import A* free version i get the following errors:

Assets/AstarPathfindingProject/Core/AI/AIPath.cs(448,56): error CS0117: Mathfx' does not contain a definition forNearestPointFactor’

Assets/AstarPathfindingProject/Core/AI/AIPath.cs(448,40): error CS1502: The best overloaded method match for `Mathfx.Clamp01(int)’ has some invalid arguments

Assets/AstarPathfindingProject/Core/AI/AIPath.cs(448,40): error CS1503: Argument #1' cannot convertobject’ expression to type `int’

plus 2 warnings for the navmesh_example6navmesh thing.

So maybe not quite as bad as It seemed after my ham fisted attempts at ‘fixing’ it.

Ok. My guess is that the RageSpline package also has a Mathfx class (and one which is not inside a namespace). You could solve this by doing this:
Import first A* package (no ragespline).
Use monodevelop to refactor the class name Mathfx (in AstarPatfindingProject/Core/Astarmath.cs to whatever you like, “AstarMath” might be a good choice.
Now import ragespline.

The warnings on that mesh are nothing to worry about, I will have to fix the warnings some time, but you can safely ignore them for now.

Annd 15 or so scripts later using search/replace im back up & running. Many Thanks!