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RadiusModifier paths into unpathable space

Firstly, thank you for your work on such a useful asset.

I’m leveraging it in an isometric action combat game and its been working well. However, I have some very small characters and very large characters. The small characters do well cutting corners, however the bigger characters are getting hung up.

In my exploration for a solution I came across your modifiers feature; the RadiusModifier piqued my interest. Upon adding a RadiusModifier my characters attempt to run through walls, invalidating pathfinding. To make sure that nothing custom on my end was messing things up I attempted the same in one of your examples. Unfortunately I’m getting the same result.

Before RadiusModifier:

After adding Radius Modifier:

To be explicit I

  • Opened Example: “RVO 2D”
  • Removed all but 1 AI
  • Added Radius Modifier to that agent

Am I doing something incorrectly? Do I have a faulty assumption?


A* Version: ## 4.2.18 (2022-11-08)
Unity Version: 2021.3.5f1


Sorry for the late reply.

The radius modifier is optimized for handling paths with long segments of straight lines, e.g. the output from the FunnelModifier or RaycastModifier. With its current implementation it will get confused if it gets paths where the waypoints are really close together and there’s no room for turning.
In this case it looks like you are using a SimpleSmoothModifier as well, which will subdivide the path a lot. I’d recommend removing that and instead adding a FunnelModifier or a RaycastModifier instead.