Question on Error: "Too many perturbations aborting : 3"

Hello everyone, I’ve just encountered a type of error I’ve never seen before (perhaps it is related to this issue?:
[ Urgent issue! : KeyNotFoundException on TileHandler crashes Unity! ]
I’ve attached a picture of the Console with the debug messages as they appeared, and when I double click the error I get taken to line 402 of the TileHandler script.

The link above is the only mention of this similar type of error that I could find on these forums, and I’m really lost as to how to fix it (well, I would settle for some sort of fall back solution just to keep the game from crashing really).

I have seen this error happen quite a few times today, but the only consistent factor so far is the general way the mesh used in the NavceshCut script uses is constructed (so I’ve posted a screen shot of what that looks like as well, though it varies per ship as they all have a slightly different shape. I have also tried using a traditional Cube as a mesh but that did not prevent the error either), and I’m happy to provide whatever additional info you need, any response is appreciated, thank you for reading.

I’ve tried remaking the mesh collider as a ‘flat’ collider (as a polygon rather than a true mesh) instead of the ‘3D’ construction that have now, and I haven’t come across the error. Perhaps this is the only way the mesh should be constructed and I just didn’t know about it? Either way I’m happy to have something that seems to work.


Yes. Sorry that the navmesh cut docs aren’t that good. It should be flat like described here: NavmeshCut and custom mesh

That exception is likely to occur when the navmesh cut is self intersecting, which is it probably is with the first mesh you tested it with (hm, maybe I should have a check for this in the inspector and warn for that…).

Thanks for the response/clarification.

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