[Question] Cant get panelties to work how I want

Hii, Grid penalties dont work how I expect them to or I dont know what values to put
I’m trying to make my agent to prefer roads over pavement, roads of 0 penalty and I tried giving pavement a varying degree of penalty from 50 to 500 (where there does exist some other ground type that has 500)

And it all seem quite the same, it looks like even for relatively short distances the actor would go trough the high penalty area instead of following the road around, here is a gif to show the issue:

It seems like the gif no longer works for some reason, here it is again:


Keep in mind that by default it costs 1000 to move 1 world unit. So you may have to go higher than 500.

Thanks @aron_granberg It works much better now, the reason I went with numbers in the hundreds is that in the docs and the video in the docs these are the numbers you use, has it changed since it was written?


It depends a lot on the context. Numbers in the hundreds work very well for many situations.