Question about the penalty of basic grid map
just read this page and found it: A cost of 1000 corresponds roughly to the cost of moving 1 world unit.

In my hexagonal map, it is 2.56 * 2.56 for each tile, so should I use 2560 for the Initial penalty?

The initial penalty is applied on top. You rarely have to adjust it.
The cost of 1000/world unit is part of the cost for connections in the graph, not for entering a node.

Would it be possible that remove the 1000/world unit while calculating the path cost? I’ll set the node’s penalty myself. for now I have to set a really large penalty for every node to mitigate it.


No, not directly.
But you can take a look at this thread for a workaround: Movement cost in 2D Grid Graph - #25 by aron_granberg

The connection cost between nodes can currently not be modified by the ITraversalProvider. This is something I’m working on improving.

It is your reply I’m seeing. so I guess in the next update you will expose these fields in the inspector for user to modify? I’ll set them to zero in my hexagonal map.