Question about the Navmesh graph and the NavmeshCut component

I am making a Planet, it look like your video demo:
Your demo no any obstacles, but I need it.
I tried to use the NavmeshCut component to be the obstacles, it has problems.
Using a cube as an example: I record a video

  • When the obstacle intersect with the cube, the top side of the cube navmesh will change color, that mean the top side navmesh was independent of other navmeshes.
    Let the obstacles leave the cube, the top side navmesh still did not connect to other meshes.
  • “Note that the shape is not 3D so if you rotate the cut you will see that the 2D shape will be rotated and then just projected down on the XZ plane.”

So the NavmeshCut can not to cut the other meshes on the cube, like the mesh of right side: Video

  • Maybe has the other better way without use the NavmeshCut component?

A* Version:


Unfortunately navmesh cutting is not supported on spherical navmeshes. This is because navmesh cutting needs to happen in a plane, which is kinda hard when there is no well defined plane to use.

You can also read about spherical navmeshes here:

I need to downgrade the Astar version to 4.1.20? @aron_granberg

Yeah, the spherical beta hasn’t had the latest updates merged in. It’s still quite recent though.

The astar 4.1.20 Pro spherical beta package at the Unity3d 2018.3.5f1 had many warnings
Hope you can update the spherical version or merge to the main version