Question about multiple grid graphs, and another

Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to somehow make one Seeker, move from one Grid Graph to another.
I need this, due to the fact that I have a long level in width, but can not make one long graph, because it would really hit the performance. Thanks in advance.

I thought of the idea of changing the center of the graph to the character’s position, but after that you have to do a Skan(); which takes me 70+ms, I wouldn’t want to be neglecting that.

Maybe there is a way to change the center of the graph by moving the scanned terrain as well? I have a long level though, but it’s the same level.


Making multiple small graphs would have the same performance as one big graph (actually one big one might be faster).

You might be interested in the example scene called “Procedural”, though. It shows a grid graph that follows the player as the player moves around in an infinite world.

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