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Question about dividing the Grid graph for different npc

Hello, I have a quick question.
I have a Pathfinder component on the scene that has a grid graph on it, but I have an area on that graph that I would like to separate so that only certain types of NPCs can walk on it.(In the screenshot the area is marked in blue.)
The movement is not done through the built-in AIPath, but using my own component.
I would like to make it so that only part of the NPCs can calculate path through this zone. What is the best way to do this, and is it possible?
Thank you in advance.
And special thanks for the help a couple of months ago with ProceduralGridMover

You can use graphupdatescene and assign a tag and then to the agents that can walk through that area, assign the same tag as walkable and to the other agents that cannot remove the tag

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Thanks for advice, I will look in the direction of this thing, thanks <3