Query about performance for standalone VR

Hello @aron_granberg

I’ve used your asset to build one basketball type fast paced game for mobile device android.

So I’ve one question,
Does calling 20time per seconds ‘seeker StartPath’ can downgrade performance(frame rate)?
Can I call continuous start path ?
Like GUARD AI changes his path continous movement as per offense move.
I’ve six agent in game play


This depends entirely on how large and complex your graph is. But I don’t think that 20 times per second should pose any big issues.

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Ok thank @aron_granberg

I’ve one more question regarding scan whole graph again after change SetDimention of grid graph. Please see attached image.

AI character after change grid dimension and Scan again they are overlap to each other in Y position of 0,0,0 position. How can we scan graph again without affecting to AI Path movement?


Scanning the graph shouldn’t affect the agents, unless possibly you made most of the graph unwalkable so that the agents were constrained only to the walkable part.
Are you setting their destinations correctly?

Do I need to set destination again after Scan()?

No, you should not have to.

Ok thanks for all your support. Further communication I’ll do with you on email because what I’m doing work on project is little bit confidential.