Pushing Agent Out of Plataform (RichAI)

I have been trying to implement a way in the FSM where the agents can get pushed out of the world(by the player), but right before the edge, they keep sticking into the platform(active graph).

The agents have a current destination and before each “push” I use
.isStopped(true) and .canSearch(false) but I cant get it to work.

Is tehre any way to disable the clampToNavmeshh in a specific agent, Any Ideas,? =)

what happens when it is knocked out, does it pop back into place on the edge of the map or does it walk back onto the map.

there is also an option called “Constrain inside of graph”.


The RichAI script requires the agent to be inside the navmesh for navigation to work, so it will clamp the agent to the navmesh. You can use the AIPath script instead (with the funnel modifier) which does not intrinsically require the agent to be on the navmesh for it to work.