ProcedureGridMover and tags

I’m trying to make a randomly generated dungeon and wanted to use tags for different types of terrain but also use the proceduralGidMover since the dungeon is randomly generated and there’s no way to know in wich direction will it be directined or the precise dimentions before it is made. The problem is that the proceduralGridMover doesn’t seem to work with the tags. So far the only way I was able to update the tags was by using scan() which isn’t ideal. (Also I was able to update the tag when the object is destroy without scan() but it’s not really related)
I’m working with the 4.2.17 version, if this feature exist on the .18 I’m sorry, I couldn’t find any mention of the topic on the changelog.
Thanks and sorry if my english was bad.


Is the dungeon generated all at once when it is loaded?
In that case, you can avoid the ProceduralGridMover and instead set the dimensions directly.
There’s some code on this page that you can use: Creating graphs during runtime - A* Pathfinding Project (specifically the part about setting the dimensions, you don’t have to create the whole graph from scratch during runtime).