ProceduralGraphMover only updates bottom left and left side

I’ve just started using 5.0, and everything is awesome! I’ve run into an issue quite fast though, and can’t seem to find out why?

The issue is as shown in the video below:
Whenever I update my Recast graph with a ProcedualGraphMover on a transform centered to the camera, the graph only updates on the bottom left and on the left?

And - if I rotate the Recast Graph 90 degrees on the Y-axis, it only scans on the top and left?

I’m Having this same issue. If i move in X+ direction the graph doesn’t update. In any other direction it does update properly. Also updates if I do the manual “Scan”.

This also started to happen when i installed version 5.x.x it seems to be a bug with the Procedural Graph Mover.


This certainly seems like a bug. I’ll investigate.

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Aron, i sent you an Email with a video of the issue, hope it helps! Thanks for answering so soon. I hope you are doing fine with your postoperatory.