Problems with small node size and 2d collisions

I have a graph setup like this, main points are “Node size = 0.25” and 2d Collision testing diameter 3.
I thought that diameter was the collider diameter, but looking at the preview below the field, it looks more like 3 times the node size, if that’s what the preview means? Is that correct?

Anyhow, with these settings, it looks like there is only one grid cell from the object (The computer in the lower right), and not 3. So it’s not 3 units, and it’s not 0.75 units either. It looks like it’s only 0.25. Can you confirm if this is how it’s supposed to work, and how it should be setup for a agent collider that is a capsule of 0.50x0.25?


The collision testing diameter is in node sizes. So 3 means 3 node widths.
If the diameter is 3, then the radius will be 1.5, and thus obstacles will be detected if they are within 1.5 node widths from a node’s center, just like you can see in your screenshots.

Pathfinding will only account for circular agents.

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