Problem when instantiating prefab with FollowerEntity

I have a weird bug when trying to instantiatea prefab with a FollowerEntity component.
I click at a position, Instantiate a prefab with FollowerEntity on it and then I use the Teleport method to place it on the click position.
And I don’t know why, but the object is sometimes randomly moved (but it’s also like it follows a pattern).
There is no collider on the objects or anywhere in the scene, the local avoidance is not enabled and when I disable the FollowerEntity, the spawn position is always correct.
It’s not clear in the gif but the gameobject is at the correct position for a frame and then instantly moved away. Also note that the gray points are for debug and show that my click is correctly detected.

Any idea for fixing this ? Thanks in advance


I just realized they snap to the recast graph, how to avoid this ?


Are you using the latest version?

The package manager indicates that I use the version 5.1.4


Is this a 2D game?
If so, I think I have found the issue. A fix will be included in the next update.

Yes it is indeed a 2D game.
Thank you !