Pro version license and payments modes

Hi, I’m working with A* pathfinding project free version at university, and i find useful to buy the pro version. Is there a way to obtain the pro version by a bank transfer or is necessary to do so buying it online from asset store? (for the university would be easier to buy it with bank transfer ).

After buying the pro version what kind of license do I have ? Is the license bounded to my computer or to my unity installation, can I modify and reuse part of the code in different project?
Thanks for the help.


I would prefer going through the Asset Store or using PayPal by buying from my website, but if that really doesn’t work I’m sure we can solve it in some other way.

If you buy it from the Unity Asset Store, the license is bound to your unity account, if you buy it from my website it is bound to you as a person (of course I cannot enforce that, but anyway).
You can reuse it in a different project as long as you do not e.g resell it as your own pathfinding package.

Hi, thanks a lot for your answer, at the moment i’m evaluating if i need to buy the pro version or the free will do anyway by now.
In case my professor would buy the license for me, so I think license would be bounded to his name, would it be enough to use that in all his projects as long as (of course) we specify in reference the package we used?
I’ll ask if there is the possibility to buy license in one of the canonical ways anyway.

Yes, that will work fine.