Pro Features Not Functioning On New Computer?


Via perforce version control I moved my project over to a new computer and thus new installation of Unity etc… (but same version). I have no changes according to perforce, and I have not messed with the A* installation, but I’m getting an issue where when I generate a new graphnode based on position like so (where endPos is the passed in end location I’m testing):

Pathfinding.GraphNode nodeEndPosition =;

the resulting graphnode does not have the correct tag; nodeEndPosition.Tag is not correct, and is instead always zero. I have checked the in-scene astar pathfinder graph to show graphs, and tried rescanning, and all the graph and tagged areas are showing up the correct color still and all the tag names still listed. I am thinking that maybe because the tags are a Pro feature that this Unity install does not know about my purchase of A* even though I am logged into my Unity account? Do I need to re-enter a serial number somewhere and re-register to a new Unity/Project instance?

thanks for any help.

for some further detail:
I’m using version 4.3.60
I’m tagging nodes with GraphUpdateScene objects in the scene and setting the desired tag values on them after checking Modify Tag, and those use a box collider for the extents
I’m not getting any errors

Debugging a bit more to add more info. When I get into ABPath.cs->Prepare()-> this line:

var startNNInfo =, nnConstraint);

the original version on the first computer that works goes to:
Base.cs->GetNearest() → GridGenerator.cs.GetNearest()
but on the new computer where it is not working, it goes to
Base.cs->GetNearest() → NavMeshBase.cs.GetNearest() → GetNearestForce()

do you know why that would happen? is it a pro feature missing as it’s not registered as pro on the new computer? or a null parameter going to a different override?

debugging more, i can see that means that the graph type on my new non-working computer is a RecastGraph, but on my older one where it works it’s a GridGraph. However, looking at the Pathfinder script on the object in the scene, they are both Grid Graphs, shape Grid, etc…all inputs identical. And, I don’t think that GridGraph is a pro feature? Is it like some cached value somewhere I need to reset?

another update, looking at the in-scene object with the pathfinding on it, on my old computer it stays a grid graph, but on my new one it swaps to a recast graph on pressing play. why would it do that?

I think you are using cached startup, and your cache file is not synced by version control.

Yes! This is it, but strangely the cache file is synced in version control, as in i can see the files were brought over for all the maps I made a new cache for, and the cache is showing in the save and load → cache startup section of the Pathfinder, but it just doesn’t take in the other project for some reason and I have to still redo save to file. Maybe I only have to redo load from cache?

Remember that the cache will always be loaded when the game starts, and will completely overwrite whatever graphs you have configured on the AstarPath instance at that point.

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