A* Pathfinding Project

PrePurchase Question - Object that Follows Play and jumps gaps


Hello all!

This product is very very impressive! But before I purchase I’d like to know if an AI object can follow the player, and also jump gaps / onto moving platforms along with the player.

Thank you so much for the help,




Moving platforms are not easily supported currently I’m afraid.


Thanks for your response Aron!

Can I follow up question?

I understand that platforms are difficult, but would an object be able to jump while on a path? Would the object be able to turn on and off their A*pathfinding?

Thanks so much



Jumping is supported on recast graphs with the RichAI movement script. However I must say it is not one of the parts of the package I am the most happy with.

Units can turn on and off their pathfinding, just disable the movement script.