Possible numerical imprecision

Hi there, we are seeing the warning " Possible numerical imprecision. Consider adjusting tileSize and/or cellSize" in our game. We do not use tiles and our cell size is 0.03. Is this warning something to worry about? Cell size cannot be increased without breaking pathing in certain areas of our map so we’d rather keep it as is. I believe this warning occurs when the graph is modified by NavmeshCut’s (in our game thats caused by doors being opened).


I have not actually seen a case where this causes problems, but I think it could in some cases.
The reason is that internally the system uses a fixed numerical resolution of 1mm for many coordinates and if the full tile size is not a multiple of 1mm then this could cause rounding issues. Make sure that your cell size is exactly 0.03 (not something like 0.030232 or whatever) and see if it still happens. Otherwise try tweaking it sliightly which could get rid of the rounding issue.

Normally this doesn’t happen for moderately large cell sizes, but 0.03 is a very small cell size.