Possible bug with Unity 2020.1.2f1

Whenever I select my game object which contains my A* scripts and a single (empty) custom script, unity starts to get incredibly laggy and gets stuck in this sort of buffering loop, where I can’t do anything until Unity eventually becomes entirely unresponsive.

I took a screenshot to help visualize it.

I imagine it has something to do this the AIDestinationSetter script as that’s where the loop seems to appear inside the inspector.

Deleting the prefab and recreating it seems to have resolved the issue.

I’m using the A* Unity Asset package, 4.2.15


Not sure what happened there. It looks like you have attached a huge number of AIDestinationSetter scripts on the same object.

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That’s what I was thinking because the script is running a loop where it is instantiating my seeker GameObject and attaching a single destination setter while also assigning it’s target.

But I just found it strange I could only see one of them in the inspector, almost as if it tried to attach a component to a component.

It was honestly hard for me to tell if it was a operator error, unity or the package; I just wanted to post it here even though I got it fixed on the off chance someone else ran into the same issue.