"popping"/ "snapping" / "teleporting" when trying to move through other units


I have a pretty simple setup using a navmesh generated at runtime, and a pretty simple movement script using seeker and a character controller. Everything looks really good, except when the units start to stack up at the end of their path, the ones that come later or behind others sometimes snap/pop/teleport through the others to get in front, and it just has some wierd very ugly behavior. Is this something I did or something common?

Any ideas or direction I could take to reduce or eliminate this awkward behavior?

You can see it in this video. The units work great until the end of the path (the white box on the right) and then some pop around.


The units also had a capsule collider on them, when I disabled that, the problem went away! I must not have needed it anymore and it was still there from testing other systems

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