Point Graph scan fails to find the child transforms (v4.43.80)

After the upgrade to latest beta, v4.43.80, Point Graph scan stopped working. Using 2022.3.10f1

Using fresh, empty scene. There’s a pathfinding component with Point Graph on it, and one Transform with a couple of empty GameObjects under. Hitting scan always ends up with this error:

There was an error generating the graphs:
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at Pathfinding.PointGraph.AddChildren (System.Int32& c, UnityEngine.Transform tr) [0x00018] in .\Library\PackageCache\com.arongranberg.astar@4.3.80\Graphs\PointGraph.cs:321 
  at Pathfinding.PointGraph+<ScanInternal>d__38.MoveNext () [0x00332] in .\Library\PackageCache\com.arongranberg.astar@4.3.80\Graphs\PointGraph.cs:450 
  at AstarPath+<ScanGraph>d__125.MoveNext () [0x00160] in .\Library\PackageCache\com.arongranberg.astar@4.3.80\Core\AstarPath.cs:1832 
  at AstarPath+<ScanInternal>d__124.MoveNext () [0x003b9] in .\Library\PackageCache\com.arongranberg.astar@4.3.80\Core\AstarPath.cs:1724 
  at Pathfinding.AstarPathEditor.MenuScan () [0x000e9] in .\Library\PackageCache\com.arongranberg.astar@4.3.80\Editor\AstarPathEditor.cs:1297 

Sorry about that. I forgot to test it after I had made a change. I’ve added a couple of automated tests now to make sure this doesn’t happen again :slight_smile:
I’ll release a new update later today.

No worries, just wanted to report. Thank you very much!

It’s been fixed now :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yes, it’s fixed. However, scan on awake seems to be not working. Pressing Scan in Play mode fixes the issue. Haven’t tried cache.

That’s odd. I cannot replicate this. Does it work in the point graph example scene?