Point graph end node going through colliders


I am trying to setup point graph pathfinding for my 2D platformer. The issue I have is that when the player jumps, the enemy pathfinds to the platform above him since those nodes are closest. The end point modifier for the enemy’s seeker is set to original. Shouldn’t the pathfinder recognize that the end point passes through the platform? The point graph is set to use 2D raycasts and properly detects where nodes should be connected.

Hopefully this image better explains the issue:

The enemy should get a path directly to the player’s position. It works properly when there are no nodes above the player though.



Sorry, that kind of check is not done.
What you could do is to, in the movement script that you use, modify the call which requests the path so that it requests the path from a position slightly below the player, then it will likely not become closer to the nodes above.