Point Graph Avoidance Question

Hi Aaron,

I looked on the forums but couldn’t get a conclusive answer as to whether your local avoidance system (RVO?) in the pro version works with point graphs. I am using your free version and a basic point graph to test some ideas. I was able to spin my own local avoidance but although it works, it’s not as refined as the examples I saw in your vids.

Specifically I have pedestrians walking on a side walk and I want to limit the number of nodes so they all use a single path “lane”. I want them to walk around each other if heading toward eachother or if they over take another pedestrian in front of them walking at a different speed.

Is this something that your avoidance system can handle with point graphs?


I personally don’t have much experience with RVO,
But I can definitely try it for you when I find some free time.

Technically RVO just pushes players away from each other on a local level. So it shouldn’t care for the graph being used. Though it could still use it as reference.

I’ll try to get it working on my end asap.

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I appreciate it. I am looking for basic local avoidance at the moment that will keep the pedestrians from wandering off path too far. I’ve worked with my own node systems in the past and it’s tricky keeping the pedestrians from wandering into the road where my AI vehicles then may or may not see them depending on the direction.

If it works, I will have the company buy the pro version.

[EDIT] I ended up just getting the pro version. The local avoidance seems to work fine so far on a point graph.

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You can also add walls to the RVO system, that way you could make sure your agents don’t push each other on the street


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Well, so far the RVO is working like a charm. The pedestrians walk around each other no problems (so far).
For anyone else wondering about local avoidance with point graphs - I can confirm that it does work!

I also integrated this with Unity’s UMA character system - it’s a bit involved getting the order of operations right on start because it takes a few seconds to build the characters - so not all components are available immediately.