Point Graph along connected objects

Here is my Dilema,

I am dynamically placing conveyor track pieces, and some have curves.

I tried using the max distance, but that will bypass corners (how do I disable this for PointGraph’s?), since all the pieces are the same exact size.

What i’d LOVE to do, is somehow make it so, the pointgraph system follows the pieces in a specific order.

So, you could have corners really close to one another ( Like this: |-||- ), without bypassing the other pieces.

Also, is it possible if you have multiple GameObject’s using the same path, if a path node is occupied, the next piece will wait on the node before it?


You can set the maximum distance to a really small value (but not zero, since that is treated as infinity) and then add the NodeLink component to connect the necessary nodes.

See the point graph example scene which has a few links.
There are shortcuts for linking a pair of GameObjects in Unity menubar -> Edit -> Pathfinding.

This requires a custom movement script, it is not included in any of the movement scripts in the package.

Thanks Aron, I did just that.

Now, it’s time to work on the movement script.