Please don't use "Install using UPM"

I’ve made some minor but important modifications to A* pathfinding project to work with my project. However, the latest beta version uses “Install using UPM” with no other option available. This installs to non-version controlled code under “Packages” rather than “Assets” meaning I can no longer easily modify it.


It is possible to embed packages even using UPM. This is exposed in the Unity API, but for some reason there is no GUI for it in Unity. There are some other 3rd party plugins that enable this though:

You can also download the package as a UnityPackage by clicking the ‘Show Older Versions’ button on the download page:

This helped, thanks.

I couldn’t get the beta working, there were compile errors with it not finding RVO for reasons I couldn’t determine.

How much faster is the beta compared to the non-beta? I can spend the effort to try to figure it out if it’s a major improvement (as pathfinding takes about 15% of the total frame time currently).

Pathfinding is mostly the same. However local avoidance is usually between 2 to 10 times faster.

Try to use the same dependencies as you get from the UPM package.
They are currently

com.unity.burst	"1.3.0-preview.7"
com.unity.mathematics	"1.1.0"
com.unity.collections	"0.7.0-preview.2"
com.unity.entities	"0.8.0-preview.8"
com.unity.ugui	"1.0.0"
com.unity.modules.physics	"1.0.0"
com.unity.modules.physics2d	"1.0.0"
com.unity.modules.animation	"1.0.0"	"1.0.0"
com.unity.modules.terrain	"1.0.0"
com.unity.modules.terrainphysics	"1.0.0"
com.unity.modules.assetbundle	"1.0.0"