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Player keeps spawning at 0,0,0?

Hey all, so I’ve got the player spawning in on the navmesh at a specific location, but it always sets the player to world origin and I have no idea why. Even if I change the transform of the player after spawning to a specific point, the player stays still at the origin and never moves.

I even tried spawning the player with the AILerp component turned off and then after spawning in the correct spot turning the AILerp component back on. But even doing it this way the snaps thr player back to 0,0,0.

Also with any of the methods, the navmeshbis actually about 64 units up on the y axis, so after setting the player to 0,0,0 it then snaps the player to the navmesh so its at 0,64,0.

I have no idea how to set the player to the desired point. Everything I do seems to just snap the player back to world origin.

Another application of this that I will need later is the ability to teleport the player, so I think I can use the same fix for both places. Just need to be able to set the player position to the place I need.


Sorry for the late reply.
This doesn’t sound like anything caused by this package. The AILerp script will move the agent to the first point on the path, but that should be on the navmesh.