Performance questions about a* pathfinding project

I’d like to buy your extension and use it in my project, but previously I want to get some info:

  1. What is licence for using your package? Could I rewrite your code and use only parts of it (e.g recast integration only) in my project?

  2. I’d like to use your project for RTS game, in RTS we have large terrains (looks like recast graph should work fast here), but I am not sure about complexity of graph modification operation? I read documentation and found that you implement fast cutting for nav mesh. How much cuts is expected? 10_000? (I am going use them for placing buildings in RTS)

  3. Also, in our RTS units could go through placed buiding: each building has entry points, nav mesh inside and some out points. Imagine tower and walls, tower has door as entry point at first floor and at second floor it has several doors which is used as out points for walls. Walls are procedurally generated and has nav mesh too. I found on that forum that you have links for nav meshes. What is complexity for handling them? What’s about 10_000 links?
    I want to connect each entry/out point with link to terrain/buildings navmesh graph

  4. It is possible to have link from recast graph type to nav mesh graph type or custom graph type?

  5. Is it possible to modify existing nav mesh graph? I’d like to have two nav meshes: nav mesh for terrain and nav mesh for buidlings. User could place building thus I need possiblity to incrementally update nav mesh graph to add new building

Thank you!

  1. You can find the license on the Unity Asset Store. But yes, you can. As long as you do not distribute the source code directly.
  2. 10000 is quite a lot. I would not expect it to be fast with that many cuts I’m afraid. The cutting is still probably ok speed, but it needs to do checks for if any of those 10000 objects have moved.
  3. 10000 nav links is also kinda a lot. Once they are built it will work fine, but there could be performance issues. I’m not quite confident to say that everything would be smooth.
  4. Yes.
  5. Everything you can do in the editor you can also do during runtime.
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Thank you for answer!
What do you mean by “Once they are built it will work fine”? Does adding new nav mesh link require full graph rescanning or is it incremental procedure?

In my game, I am going to add them one by one during some long time (while player put building to world)