Pathing through walls

I’m using Layered Grid Graph where the intent is the AI can walk on top of walls, as well as around them. I’m finding an issue where if I intentionally set up a scenario where the destination is unreachable, the AI will try to walk through walls to get there.

In the screenshots, the ground has the layer “Ground” while the 4 blocks have the layer “Default”

You can see that the destination point is completely surrounded by grid nodes with a red cube, so is unreachable. Also, the max climb is 1.169192 while the cubes are like 43 meters high.

If the wall was < 1.169192 meters high, the AI should step up onto it. > 1.169192 it should block pathfinding. At least that is the intent. If instead the wall was raised up off the terrain more than the character height (1.959236) I would like the AI to walk under it.

Using version 4.1.9

My character settings:

Height testing

Obstacle Layer mask:

All settings

Update: Upgraded to 4.1.10 (Pro) and the issue still happens

OK so the issues seems to be Seeker. I had End Point Snapping set to Original. But it wasn’t really clear what “The point is set to the exact point which was passed when creating the path request” meant; I interpreted it to mean walk to the point I set, instead of stopping earlier which happens with SnapToNode for example. But I didn’t mean for it to walk through walls too.

It kind of seems like NodeConnection is what I want, but I’m still not really sure what “The point is set to the closest point on one of the connections from the start/end node” means. What I want is "Reach the exact destination if you can, otherwise get as close as you can.


I have updated the documentation with pictures to better illustrate the different modes. Hopefully those will help:

TL;DR Is that you want the ClosestOnNode mode (which is also the default value unless you are using an old version).