Pathfinding while traversing special path

In our game, there are some areas (like stairs) that are connected via links, to better support a funneled movement.

The issue I have is if I wish to find a new path while walking on those links, all requests fail since technically i’m not on the nav mesh.
I was thinking about changing my path requests, and to check that if the agent is traversing a special path, or if target point falls within the bounds of a link, adjust the start / end points so they end up on the correct landing point.

this feels like something i should add as a modifier perhaps?
similar to start end modifier?
what kind of advice and tips can you offer to solve this issue?

It seems that i’ve been able to get around this by filtering both start and end points to be GetNearest with a NNConstraint.None

I still wonder if there is a better solution?