Pathfinding problem on iPad mini, but not on iPhone 5c

Hey all, I think this is an easy one, but its escaping me right now, so I thought I would ask. Pathfinding is working correctly on my iPhone 5c, but when I run my game on the iPad mini, I can get an initial path, but re-pathing doesn’t work for some reason. I’m stumped. I have had no problems on iPhone, or android so far.

Any idea why this would happen?

Thanks in advance,


no idea why this might happen? the pathing is really erratic on the ipad mini, is there some option that i should enable?

I have no idea. But did you looked

Hm, maybe the specs are so different so that the pathfinding will not perform as well on the ipad… though that sounds weird, the ipad is faster, right?

for some reason the characters get an initial path, but after that, they cant get and new ones…the code that gives them their initial paths is where they repath also…

this is a first gen ipad mini…so pretty basic specs i think…still, I have android tablets that are older that run pathfinding fine…

Do you mean the pathfinding calls succeed, but the results are wrong, or are the subsequent calls failing.
If they are failing, turn on A* Inspector -> Path Log Mode -> Normal (or InGame).
Look for warnings and errors in the console.

looks l got it working, by forcing a single core in settings. is the “automatic” setting supposed to pick the right one for the platform?

The Automatic setting will decide how many threads it should use by checking the number of cores the machine has and how much memory it has.

Since it apparently failed to give the “right” number in your case, I might need to change how it decides.
Do you think you could add this line to the CalculateThreadCount method in AstarPath.cs
Debug.Log ( "SPEC: "+ SystemInfo.processorCount + " " + SystemInfo.systemMemorySize );
run the game on iPhone and the iPad and tell me what the log says?