Pathfinding Multiple local game objects

Goodday, I was wandering if A* Pathfinding could help in creating a more realistic pathing system for my simulation game.

I have multiple local game objects where my character need to walk on. I can’t bake the path because all locations are not in worldspace except for location (W) on the platform where the system connects to.
The idea is that the yellow guy from location (0) walks from the ship unto location (1) which is parented to (2) which is parented to (3). The person will wait on (3) until (1) has attached to (W) and then the person will walk from (3) to (2) to (1) to (W).

I currently don’t own pathfinding pro so i’m not able to test out if it could work.
If someone can advice if it’s possible then please let me know. Thank you.

Kind regards, Ruben


That’s pretty tricky.

in the pro version has an example scene called “Moving”, but it’s only suitable for a single moving object, not multiple ones that connect to each other. I’m afraid I don’t have an easy solution for you.

Ah, that’s to bad. I’ll continue to use my waypoint system with parenting on entering collision box area.