Pathfinding broken after build (but not in editor)?

Hi there,

I’m having a strange issue (I searched but was only able to find one instance of a similar issue with no resolution):

When I test using the editor, pathfinding works fine. However, when I build, the entity pathfinding just goes straight to a specific point (not even pathfinding - going through walls, etc.). I’m using HDRP if it matters. Here’s what my graph looks like:

And the entity:

There is nothing else moving the entity. I tried re-making everything from scratch (Target, Pathfinder, re-attaching a fresh AIPath and AIDestinationSetter, etc.

Using latest (not beta) on Unity 2022.3.5f1.


Do you get any errors in the player log?

Hey Aron,

Yes, here’s the interesting bits:

I can’t upload the log itself (yet) but let me know if you need any more output.

Edit: Following the suggestion from the log (Cache startup) seems to work. Does this mean I have to re-generate the cache every time I modify the graph? Is there a way to make my meshes not statically batched (or another option)?

Thanks much


See Error messages - A* Pathfinding Project

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