Pathfinding and entering/exiting buildings

I’m working on an RTS style project. I’ve made the walls of the buildings separate objects with individual box colliders. I did this because I want the walls to be obstacles but I cannot use one collider otherswise the ground in the house will be considered an obstacle as well. It works relatively well but the problem is that I had to set the diameter to 1 otherwise the the doorway is engulfed by the surrounding colliders and the player cannot get inside. As a result, the player hugs the wall as he/she goes in or out and usually gets stuck. What’s a good way around this?

Sounds like your graph resolution is a bit too low so that you cannot tweak the parameters as well as you would like to.

Thanks for your response! How do I change the resolution? I searched the documentation but I couldn’t find anything about this.


On the grid graph, there is a field called “node size” change that. The lower the node size, the higher the resolution (assuming you counter change the width and depth to still match your environment).

Thank you. It works a lot better now.