Pathfinding also based on overlapping nodes from 2 or more graphs

I notice how when the seeker is on a different graph from the destination, there is no pathway between the two even if the 2 graphs overlap eachother. Is there a way around this and could it be a feature? A good suggestion would be to have a function called GetNearests() that would return not only the nearest node, but also the overlapping nodes from other graphs, have the seeker (if it is near a node that overlaps be as if it is on both graphs), and have the destination be the same way. I would try and do it if the connections property (which is an array of nodes) was not always null, which is another problem.

Overlapping graphs have no connections between them. You can create manual links (see Links tab) or you could enable the experimental autolinking feature.
Basically you disable scanning on awake, then create a script which sets that variable to true for all graphs on Awake, and then call

hi Aron! Is autolinking feature still a thing? The link leads us to the GridGraph docs page and there is nothing about that there.


Sorry, it was removed a few years ago due to stability issues. I recommend creating a single large graph in most cases.