Pathfinder alway hit against the wall?

i am havin a problem with my pathfinder:

so as you can see, that car has a pretty crazy driver on board which is alway hitting the wall.
Iam using the AiPath example script:

and these are my settings:

could someone tell me why this is happening?
iam using a grid path by the way

and, iam having another problem:
the car is driving backwards somehow?


Could you show a screenshot of how the graph looks?

The AIPath script will rotate the character so that the Z axis points in the forwards direction since this is the unity convention for the forward direction. Try to rotate your mesh 180 degrees.

hey, its been a while but i wanted to go back to the game - so here is how the graph looks:


I meant how the graph looks in the scene view.

oh, sorry. you mean this:


Ok. It seems your graph has a quite high resolution. This means that the calculated path that the car takes will be very close to a wall (because there are nodes there that it can use). You might want to reduce the resolution a bit or use some other approach like a point graph to make sure it moves more in the center of the road (I believe there was another thread that you started about that a long time ago…).

so i tried the point graph now. still, the car is behaving weird :smiley:

these are the settings of the ai path motor

and the script:


It tries to move to a point really close to it, but it overshoots slightly while rotating which makes it worse.
To solve it, increase the distance a bit to the point it tries to move to (increase ‘Pick Next Waypoint Dist’ and ‘Forward Look’).

jiha. works!
thank you for your awesome help :slight_smile:

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