Path that takes into account turning

Hey there. So if I want to find a path for, say, a vehicle (or any entity that cannot turn on the spot) what would be the best way to do this? So basically a path that takes the turning speed into account. Would I have to write a custom path finder for this?

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I am actually looking for the same answer!!!
Been trying to solve this for a while, and can’t just do it.

Anyone got any idea to fix this issue? Because every pathfinder AI does turn on the spot, and that looks ugly for a vehicle.

Hoping for an answer!!

I hate to bump this, but looking into it myself has turned up nothing but frustration. Any ideas, anyone?


Sorry, this is not possible. The pathfinding algorithms to do that are quite specialised.
For example take a look at the image below, specifically C and D. In C, the vehicle can turn relatively quickly, but in D, it cannot, so it has to take a longer route.

The best thing this system can do is post processing. So you can try the Radius modifier (preferably along with e.g the funnel modifier to smooth out the path) or the AdvancedSmooth modifier (though I am not completely sure if that is still functional, it was a while since I tested it…).

If you want to have a go at it yourself, I can recommend this article.