A* Pathfinding Project

Path processor crashing Nintendo Switch build


I was supposed to make this topic several moons ago, but got distracted. Nonetheless here we are.

We were running into some issues with the A* project on our switch builds. Originally not able to load any scene.

We were able to look into the issue and found the issue being related to the names given to threads.
PathProcessor - L111

// Start lots of threads
				for (int i = 0; i < processors; i++) {
					var pathHandler = pathHandlers[i];
					threads[i] = new Thread(() => CalculatePathsThreaded(pathHandler));
					// crashes on switch
					threads[i].Name = "Pathfinding Thread " + i;
					threads[i].IsBackground = true;

Additionaly in the RVO simulator the same error occurs
RVOCoreSimulator - L820

public Worker (Simulator sim) {
				this.simulator = sim;
				var thread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(Run));
				thread.IsBackground = true;
				thread.Name = "RVO Simulator Thread";

This issue was found in version 4.2.4 I do not have the SDK’s on this machine installed, and can’t verify if this is still a problem in 4.2.7 Unless you really want to make sure ( with more accurate error listing ) that this is still a problem I could provide in the near future.


ps. shouldn’t there be a more bug oriented categorie?


Thank you for reporting this bug.
This seems to be a Unity bug… but I suppose I will have to work around it.
The fix will be included in the next update.