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Path inside building

So I have a raycast graph that does a pretty good job at marking the paths:

However, there is one problem:

The insides of my buildings are not well layed out. here is an example:

Here you can see that the floor is quite well marked; however the stairs are completely unmarked.

I am pretty sure that ive done something wrong and i can think of multiple things that might solve this however i am not sure its the right way to go:

A. Create a sublayed graph that is for the inside, but can this be used in combination with the other one?

B: Create node links between the spots of the graph (this would be a lot of work)

Hope someone can help me :slight_smile:


You’ll definitely want to play with variables like maxSlope etc.
But also minRegionSize, and MaxBorderEdgeLength.

Here is a graph I had setup for a different forum post a while back:

I think most importantly it looks like your character radius setting on the recast graph is way too large for it to be able to navigate those stairs. The recast graph will have determined that the character is too big for the stairs.

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